levantine arabic

Levantine Spoken Arabic is a SPOKEN LANGUAGE, a dialect used in four countries that are called the Levant Countries or Al-Sham, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

It's the closest to Standard Arabic and it's well understood in the whole Arab World.

We use it to communicate to each other. So even if you are working in a company or an organization that wants you to know Standard Arabic for official paper work, you will need to know Spoken Arabic for you to communicate to others in a lovely way.

Levantine is a mix of all the three countries' dialects!



We Communicate using Spoken Arabic in the Arab World. We don't use Standard at all in out daily basis.

Learn how to communicate faster and in an easy way using my own books and methods

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Are you looking to volunteer in the Arab World to reach a goal that you set for yourself? I'm here to help you get through the Spoken Arabic journey to be able to communicate more with all people all around the wold.

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speak about yourself

Do you feel nervous when trying to speak about yourself, your life, or maybe describing something or someone? I'll help you get the confidence to speak out loud without having any fear, as I developed a curriculum only for enhancing Arabic Speaking Confidence.

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