Learn standard arabic

Standard Arabic or as we call it "Fusha" is the standard way of Arabic. You will find it in news, articles, books and official papers, but it's not used in our daily basis. However it's important as we derived dialects from it.


Study at a university

If you are dreaming about applying, studying or maybe working in an Arab University or you are dreaming about studying Arabic at Uni, I'm here to help you through your journey, until you get to the Advanced Level.

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learn conversation

Standard Arabic Conversation is really important when applying for a job that is related to news or a show, because you'll have to speak Standard Arabic and make a conversation at the same time. So I will walk with you though this journey until I and you feel happy of your progress.

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Apply for a job

If you are applying for a job that is related to Arabic Language, whether it was with an organization, a company or a charity etc ... I'm here to help you reach the goal you want, with the best methods and with a continuous follow-up.

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